Pin authentication when buying online

Can this be removed? I don’t have it with any of my other accounts. I use a cashback site for my online purchases and because this redirects you to monzo to enter your pin, I don’t receive my cashback. I am having to transfer money to another account to pay for any online purchases when I would like to use the monzo account.

This is 3D secure and all banks will have to enforce it soon

Technical details

I work for a large bank but the secure part is done within the site you are purchasing from, it doesn’t direct you to they’re app/website to do this. I love all features of monzo and would like to use it as my main account but this is stopping me

How does it taking you to the app stop you collecting cashback?

Do you have the sms option? That keeps you on the site rather than going to the app. Unfortunately I think that’s going with v2

You have to go to the cashback app and go to the store from there and make the purchase. If you change the site, it takes you away from the cashback app.

Sounds like the cashback app need to get ready for this change

Because SMS is going

No, how can I set this up?

They were asking how your other bank authorised you?

Apologies, it just authorises when you make a payment. The authorisation comes up after you make a payment, you don’t have to do anything. A few years ago, it required you to put in random numbers from your pin but this isn’t required either anymore.

On the 3ds pop up it has the option. On the right hand side in small blue writing. I did seem something about this being removed but I’m not sure if it’s just some retailers

They will all be changing soon, Monzo is just ahead of the curve

Thank you, I will have a look and see if it’s still
available and see if this helps. Thank you

I’ve just pretended to pay my credit card :grin:

I’m not aware of this change with where I work and we are one of the big 4 but obviously if the change does go ahead then the cashback apps will have to amend this.

Great, thank you, I will give a try

Which cashback app is this? I’ve used loads and I’ve never had this issue, nore can I see it being one.

The way these cashback sites work is as follows:

Cashback website > Retail website > Payment authorise > Retail website > Cashback website

Even without having to physically authorise the payment, the authorise step is always there and it returns you to the retail site (even if you don’t see it). So it should never effect the cashback because the retailer tells them after your order is confirmed.

Might be a different department, the link the read about it is at the top

It’s TopCashback, it has caused me not getting a couple, I had forgot about it be used it again yesterday and never got cashback once again.