Photo ID?

My passport and provisional licence expired, what other forms of ID can I use?

I have valid photo ID

Is it government issued eg NI electoral ID or shotgun license?

Sorry but it looks like my post didnt include everything I wrote!

I have no valid photo ID at all it expired 4 years ago…people who have no in date photo ID shouldn’t have to pay over £30 to get a driver’s license just to sign up for an account.

Hi there Lee - You will need to have in-date photo ID in order to have an account with us, I’m afraid. Unlike high street banks, we can’t verify people in person at branches, so we have stricter restrictions in this area.

We’re always looking to see if there are other ways and methods we could potentially use to verify people whilst remaining compliant, but for now and the foreseeable future, we will require valid photo ID.

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I saw someone post a thread a few months ago saying they have a non photo I’d current account, they had no passport or drivers licence and that monzo were sympathetic towards this.

This isn’t accurate. There’s no method or type of account we can offer where we don’t require photo ID.

It’s reassuring to hear above that this wasnt the case.

Imagine if it was that easy to open an account with no verification and someone did it in your name. They could take out loans and an overdraft leaving you responsible for the debt.


Sadly for you that would go against the legal requirements of KYC (Know your customer), which requires financial institutions to verify the identify of customers for various reasons. It costs £14 to renew a driving licence and £70 for a UK passport, well worth it.

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