Phishing Text Warning

Just a warning to everyone I just received what I expect is a phishing text.

Monzo: Your new DEBlT card is on the way, If you DlD NOT request a new DEBlT card ,follow steps here:

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Have you informed inapp chat so they can get it taken down?

Forward the sms to 7726 and it’ll be looked into.


Why are they using a lower case l to spell DEBlT?

To try and avoid spam detection systems


lol. No it won’t.

I have to say their website does look very good, very Monzo like. Bound to catch some people out indeed.

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We’ve seen this one before, under a different domain (

I’ve reported this new one (the domain was only registered yesterday by a service in London) to Google, and the registration service used.

While no-one can realistically track this stuff, here are similar domains: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

All seem to have been interpreted as dodgy by Google/Chrome which is good - but that in itself doesn’t kill access to the dodgy site. The domain has to be killed.

There’s a huge attempt at getting at your accounts. Be careful!


Isn’t this one genuine?

(I mean it shouldn’t be. Companies should really know better).

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I could have sworn my browser came back with a warning when I clicked on that one. Clicking on it now shows the legitimate website. Maybe I clicked on the link before or after it, or skipped it entirely by mistake.

More :coffee: needed!


goes to a phone insurance site with a monzo logo for me no warnings , im assuming its ok

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It seems to be the site used for phone insurance for Premium customers. It trains people that this sort of site is okay, so even if it’s a legit site, it probably shouldn’t be, if you know what I mean.


yeah far too many people click on a link just because it looks real without thinking

We got a new third party website for an HR support tool for work recently

I was pleased to see the domain as:

i.e. a sub-domain of the well known domain, which looks much more legit


Actually it does help…the more that is forwarded to 7726 the better for blocking future attempts

All that service does is report the number it came from along with the message, once many people have reported it the number is listed as spam but the scammers are already way ahead of this with thousands of disposable numbers

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It’s not just the number, it’s the content the links etc. It all goes in to filtering. Btw it’s my job, I know exactly how it works. The more that gets reported, the better

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The network investigates and takes action where necessary.