Petrol Station

I’ve been trying to use my card to purchase both Petrol and milk at the local Petrol Station and it never seems to work. I’ve noticed through the Monzo app that it could be due to it getting the location wrong?

The app has it listed as the ‘Nutbourne Station Stat’ which is quite far away when the real place is just an Esso which is actually here…

Yes it come through straight away on both my phone and the petrol stations computer. I had quite a few people behind me so so I rushed to get out of the way by just tapping my NatWest card instead.

Ah right. If say the best thing to do is to contact support and they can check the logs to see if it’s a client issue (I.e. the shop) or the bank.

Probably will work with Chip & PIN - I’ve found the contactless can be hit and miss with the Mondo card. Also will bear that in mind at that particular service station - it’s local to me too! :smiley:

Bear in mind that prepaid cards are often blocked for Pay-at-Pump systems.