Edit pending transactions

Any chance we can have the ability to edit pending transactions.

When I go to Tescos or any other supermarket in that case and fill up with fuel at the pump, my transaction shows as £1, even if I filled up £50.

My overall balance goes down by £1 as it’s a test payment so show the card is active.

I would like to temporarily change the transaction to £50 so that my balance drops by £50 and I don’t overspend ie go into overdraft

Then when the transaction is confirmed by Tesco in Monzo my balance either matches or edits to the correct amount


Already been requested and explained unable to be delivered due to bookkeeping regulations.

I feel the same frustration hence no longer Pay@Pump with my Monzo card

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Rather than change the actual transaction which would be against bookkeeping regs, why not have a deduct from budget field on the transaction until pending has completed?

So it shows £1, you enter £50 below it or whatever the real amount was. The budget page then uses the £50 whilst the transaction is pending, once taken it then looks at the transaction amount instead which should match what you expect it to be.

I tend to add the real amount as a note atm, it would be ace to have a budget pending field to enter instead.

As the solution to everything seems to involve a pot, why not have a pot for this? If you could allocate a pending transaction to come out of a specific pot it could solve the problem

Does it still allocate the wrong about if you pay at the kiosk rather then the pump?

Nope, paying in kiosk will instantly charge the correct amount asif it was a payment anywhere else like a store. Just Pay@Pump do this


So it’s the pump reservation issue, reserving either £1 or £99.

I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about this other then paying at the kiosk.

When the new regs come in, the amount will be corrected within minutes which will solve this issue.


That all depends how it works and how much it can authorise for ultimately, hopefully if it can’t authorise £100, it will go down to £50, then £40 then £30 etc etc etc. We’ll see how it pans out.

I just want to fill the tank. I’m not interested in trying to estimate how much I want before hand. That would be horrible.


Surely Monzo could solve the notification issue on their end. If a notification is for a fuel transaction and it declines, wait up to a minute or so to see if the merchant attempts a lower authorisation, and if so, repeat the same until it finally authorises.

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