Why API-Driven Banking Matters


Here’s a good overview of the various banks & fintechs who have built open(ish) APIs, most of whom aren’t Monzo competitors (yet) -


it would be great to see some examples of what’s being built with these APIs, particularly if you’d like to see similar integration’s by developers using Monzo’s API.

Monzo gets a notable mention, as it’s API isn’t fully developed yet.

Seeing a lot of ‘approved developers’ in that list, pity more of them don’t let a mere customer have API access too

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Agreed, I guess quite a few companies are pretty touchy about who has access to their / their customer’s data, whereas Tom is a lot more relaxed about this, as he mentioned here (21 minutes into the video) -

Interestingly on another forum there is widespread fear over the CMAs plan to force banks to provide API access. I think some of the marketing/news hasn’t made the security and permissions model clear, and that can paint visions of a credit reference agency style database showing everything.

I hope the Monzo API stays open, and doesn’t turn into a developer only thing (some uses don’t need a public project). I can see things getting interesting over bank transfers, just because of the security implications (although I hope using your own API key on own account is ok here)

Since Hugo deletes his tweets I thought it was important to share this urgent request / cry for help -



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If you’d like to know more about Monzo’s Product Lead @valerio, who’s about to give a talk at WXG 2017, on ‘Open APIs in banking and what it means for consumers’ here’s a 5 question interview, ahead of the event on:

  • Why he’s giving the talk
  • What attendees will get out of the talk
  • How he got into this field
  • His inspiration in the industry
  • The advice that he’d give to someone who’s new to the industry
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It looks like Valerio’s talk at WXG 2017 today was popular, hopefully a video’s going to be posted soon. But in the meantime

I spotted this fact on Twitter


& a summary of the talk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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