Missing transaction - since= not working correctly

Hello –

I’m downloading all transactions, 100 at a time, using the since= pointing to the last transaction ID from the previous downloaded batch of transactions. This, to date, has been working fine. Now I have a mysteriously missing transaction.

I have finally found it – when, instead of using the last ID, I use the mid-way point of the previous batch, so I end up downloading a lot of duplicate data.

The two IDs in question are -
tx_00009ebto6jfaQe37R9UDR - created 2019-01-09T04:06:11.707Z
tx_00009ebto7LbJOzoLqLdUf - created 2019-01-09T04:06:11.767Z

The second one is the one that is sometimes missing, while the first one is the one that is the end of a batch. It is the transaction ID I put into the since= field and, when I do, I don’t receive the second transaction.

Perhaps the transactions happened too close together (less than 60ms)? The transaction IDs are also ordered.


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