Which PensionBee Plan?

I’m in the midst of setting up PensionBee account, thanks to recommendations from this very forum!

However I’m pondering which plan to choose, there is good info here - https://moneytothemasses.com/saving-for-your-future/pensions/pensionbee-review-is-it-the-best-way-to-find-and-consolidate-your-pensions. I’m 45 so not wanting high risk so looking at the Tracker or Match options.

Given Brexit, I’m wondering if veering away from UK a little and go with Match.

This is all new to me. I was the ‘I have a pension through a company, and didn’t really pay attention to it’ guy for many years until I got made redundant a few years ago. I am now a contractor and haven’t contributed to a pension for a couple of years, I’m keen to start again soon and PensionBee looks like a good option for me as it allows ad-hoc payments.

Tracker annual fee is 0.50%
Match annual fee is 0.70%

Not sure if that is a massive factor mind you.

Any advice would be welcomed.


I’m in a similar boat but still comfortable with risk so thinking about going with Future World. I don’t love the higher percentage for the annual fee but like the ethical side of it. I’d hope we start seeing green initiatives doing better as people cotton on to the fact we’ve got to do more and the fund will do well as a result.


Looking at the geography split, I’d be interested in finding out which US Companies are involved as, so far, they’ve not exactly been great as a nation! :wink:

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I was wondering this myself. I did notice that the fee is different depending on the type of plan, but i’m having a little trouble seeing how they compare with any equivalents? Is anyone familiar with them enough to say? I looks like their plans are repackaged plans from a select number of financial institutions?

I do like that fees half once your over 100k.

Perhaps a stupid question… is PensionBee a SIPP? (not meaning to highjack the thread thinking about it. your topic got me curious about them)

I don’t think so… but can’t watch the video linked in the above…

I am on the Tailored plan raised fund has been over £1500 since 19 December only added £65

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Any reason you chose that plan over another?

Yeah im not sure either, though you do get the tax back like you do a SIPP for personal contributions. to be honest, i dont know what the difference is between a SIPP and not with pensions.

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I think the emerging markets possible too much risk for me and the other one I think was too low a risk, tailored is middle of the road :wink:

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Yeah I’m leaning towards Tracker as it’s middle of their ‘risk rating’.

Tailored is 3-5 tracker is 6 :wink:

Want something like this for Junior ISA for the kids currently with Vanguard and have to select different plans based on fees and investment risks.

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On the amount over 100k rather than the whole fee though I think.

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Ah, yes, you’re right.

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Yeah I signed up and didn’t do anything else coz I dunno :joy_cat:

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