3rd Party Pension?

So, my wife is in part time work with the same company that she started as a YTS, after taking 6/7 years off for rest and relaxation (looking after our kids), as she has gone back to work as part time and due to the income she is not auto enrolled, so i need to get her to enroll.

Would anyone advise to get a 3rd party pension, instead of just the sate pension (she got currently 20years to pension age)and if yes any company in particular?



If the company offers contributions, she should sign up for her work pension (you can always transfer it later to a SIPP).

Check her state pension status here and fill in any missing years if she can.

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@kennygrant cheeers

Due to this community I have done the governent pension check and joined Pensionbrr for myself :wink:

Will get to join the company one asap and will look into SIPP (any good links?)


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I use hl.co.uk for a SIPP and am reasonably happy with it, you can merge in older pensions at any time with most providers. I may move to freetrade when they offer SIPPS (a few years away probably). Pensionbee looks interesting but I assume they take a percentage fee?

I would probably recommend the company pension though rather than a SIPP if employed due to the contributions from the company which will make a huge difference over the long term.

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I have completed the transfer of my pension to Pensionbee the full funds have hit the account i thnk around 20/12 and they stated would take about a week to be shown in my account which happened on 07/01 due to xmas period.
I am on their taliored plan and I would imagine since around 20/12 my pension post has increased over £200 in that time, they yake 0.70% on total pension pot other plans with higher risk look to take 0.60% and if you have over 100,00 in a pot they would also half the fees

Anyone fnacy joing get £50 each :wink: http://refer.pensionbee.com/mQeAXNI