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So I have never really been bothered about my pension and to be fair still not really, but last night after reading comunity posts here I realised I am not sure when the last time we had 2 X CTF letters so logged in to HMRC completed the relevant form and it asked me would I like to check my pesion details :joy:.

So as of now I will get £131 a week at 2046 (Unles retirement age increases or state pension disappears), so I was 40 last month and have been in full time employment since about 17 yrs old, however last year I gave up work to be a carer for my son and now recieve carers allowance.

As far as I am aware all the pensions previous employers have provided is the state pension / peoples pension (if thats what it is called) and for a job I held for 8years had a pension scheme with Aegon i think its spelt.

So is there a way to almagate all pensions together once all found, I may just have 2 State and Aegon (have details somewhere for latter)

Also as I am not paying N.I currently the state pension won’t increase to its max of £161 a week.

So also wondering if can manually top up any pension or would it be better to put else where?

Also a similar story for the wife as far as she is concered only has a state pension, and was also out of work for 6/7 yrs looking after the kids until this time last year and is working only part time and doesnt belive she has every had another pention except the state pention.

Thanks in advance for any help :wink:



I’m no expert but can offer a little help:

You can find/discover any private/personal (but not state) pensions you have through Pension Bee
I use them and find them very helpful and very similar to the ‘Monzo Way’ of operating. Once all your pensions have been located, you can put them all together in one pot with Pension Bee. (apart from your state pension)

With regards to your state pension, you can top up any shortfall you have which will entitle you to the full weekly pension. You can find out here where you stand currently.

If you want a recommendation for Pension Bee let me know and we both get £50 in our pots if you decide to go with them.

Hope it helps!

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I have been looking at pensionbee due to the Emma app.

Sorting out the wifes hmrc pension data currenlty as already done mine;-)