Pending transactions timing out and showing as credits

I’ve got a couple of instances of pending transactions that take a while to clear they show as credits in the timeline… so you end up with two transactions, one ‘pending’, seemingly forever (I have one that’s a year old now), and one credit.

This messes up the totals completely.

One particular vendor is bad at this - they take £12 as an active card check each time even if no transaction is done, then take a month to release it.

So for them I have 5.99+5.13+7.89+5.37+2.73 in actual transactions, 27.11 total, 5.42 average.

There are also auth holds + equivalent credits for £10 and £12 and an extra £12 from today (obviously without the credit yet, which will appear in a month).

Monzo app says £61.11 total, £7.63 average, so it’s not taken into account the credits caused when the auth holds expire, meaning both the total and average are basically fiction.

Taking today’s £12 into account (which is reasonable since monzo don’t know when, or if, it will be credited) the total should be £39.11 total, £6.51 average.

So IMO either:

(a) when the pending transaction times out, it should be either removed or reduced to 0.00, not have an entirely separate transaction added as a credit.
or (b) the credits should affect the total/average so the numbers make sense.


Maybe reduced to zero with the details of what the pending transaction was when you click it’s feed item

You can go into the transaction in the app and reverse it yourself. It’ll show as a credit and the funds will be available again but the authorisation still stands. If the self reversal fails you can use inapp chat for support

I’ve never seen any in-app feature to reverse an authorisation, even in the beta. Where is it?

That’s beside the point though… I don’t care (much) they take a month really, but the totals should reflect reality.

If you click the something wrong? Tell us button and follow the prompts and information to self reverse

That will just make the problem appear quicker though. Monzo are treating an expired hold as a credit but not applying that credit to the total and average spends so the value is way off.

If the vendor had decided to take some money the value of the original transaction would have been changed to reflect the new total, not added as credit for the difference between the two values… so there’s a difference in behaviour.


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