Pending transactions display

Would it be possible to have a better indication if a transaction is pending vs settled? EG: a visual indicator on the merchant icon, or something else in the list views?

I have just approved a future payment for an item that will only be debited when it is back in stock, but looking at my app, it appears just like any other transaction.

I had to open the transaction details and scroll all the way to the bottom to see “Pending Transaction” and I find that very unclear as I don’t really open all transactions in my app to check details, and I really thought I got debited straight away (I even contacted the merchant about it :smiley: )

Sounds more like the merchant has taken the money and you’ll get the goods when they’re ready.

Otherwise should’ve just been similar to an active card check.

How long has it been? Might settle in a few days.

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What difference would this make?

This is how all transactions work. Whether it’s pending or settled your account shows you don’t have that money.

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No, it’s normal, the merchant has created a pending transaction until the items are in stock.
I just had to dig around the app to find out that it was indeed “pending”

Perhaps it would help “some” people whose brain seem to work differently from yours?
Maybe educate users who think (like me) that the money should still be there because it’s pending in scenarios like mine?

Education about these things would be good as well rather than a “what difference would that make” as if everyone knows all things about transactions.

You can educate yourself? Google exists.

You try to buy something. The merchant asks Monzo if you have the money. Monzo say you do. That money is put on hold. Then the merchant has 7 days (usually) to come back and collect it and the transaction will settle. This is the same if you buy in Tesco or from Amazon. Some will settle quicker than others.

They can’t do this.

Alright keyboard warrior, chill :joy:

You’re right about pending transactions, and it does make sense once explained.

And yes, Google exists, but if I don’t know I’ve got the wrong idea about something, I won’t know I need to search for information!
You have that information, this is a forum where people are supposed to help one another, I guess, so all I’m saying is that you can work on your message delivery.

Well… They have!

Back to pending transactions, irrespective of my current scenario, I’ve also been in a situation in the past where a petrol station reserved €120 (indeed, appearing as being debited in full from my account) and the pump failed. So looking at the list, it appeared as if I had been charged for something I didn’t get. I I think it’s a nice thing to see that directly on the list of transactions. So yes, for me, it would change something.

Thanks for your contribution.

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They have and sort of maybe haven’t.

If they are truly leaving it pending then in 7 days when they haven’t collected, Monzo will say “you said you wanted this money, you haven’t come back for it”

It depends how long until they think they’ll have stock. If it’s this week then it’ll work out. If it’s months away then it won’t be pending that long.

Monzo only show you one balance. Some accounts show you balance and available balance, the latter reflecting your pending.

Haa, that’s great information, thanks!!

I guess we’ll see this week, but from what I gathered, it would be longer than that.