Allow a more obvious way for users to know when a transaction is pending

(i know the first 3 numbers) #1

Excuse my bad markup drawing but an idea being that pending and card check transactions would be highlighted as shown… But in a more elegant way of course.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Thanks for sharing this idea, how would you use the knowledge that a transaction is pending & how often?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #3

For my money, clear indication that a payment hasn’t finalised can be useful as much as anything as a comfort factor either with merchants you’ve not dealt with before or indeed when spending abroad.


The problem I see here is that all payments are pending for a few days, as with any legacy bank. Monzo just show them straight away and deduct it from your available balance so for me I’d rather it stay as it is.

As for the checking charges, they usually have a ‘x’ next to them to hide them. I notice that isn’t the case in your screenshot however.


The X only appears in my iOS app and not in my Android app


Well spotted, probably an Android user then :thumbsup:

(i know the first 3 numbers) #7

Not an android user, card checks don’t initiate a refund until a while after the transaction, due to this seeing if Monzo is able to identify card checks they can highlight them


Depend on which kind of card check - some use the “active card check” which I believe is the proper way to do it, it verifies the card is alive without actually taking any money from it. Some others do it the “classic” way by taking like 1£ and refunding it just after (cancelling the authorisation), and some do the really crappy way where they take 1£ but are too lazy to release it themselves so it stays pending for a week until the authorisation expires.

(Fergus Macdonald) #9

Also think this would be super useful. Perhaps not as obvious as the original mockup, but something on the list that identifies if a transaction is pending. A bit like know if your WhatsApp message has been sent, delivered, read etc.

An example of how it would be useful. Sometimes transactions don’t go through but they still appear in your feed. Yesterday 4 transactions in a bar but one failed, 3 are now complete and one is still pending. Super useful to know that from the outside. Also, just better and more knowledgeable insight into actual movement of funds.