Pending transaction view

I tried to use PayPals pay in 3 service for the first time for a couple of purchases and though it went through smoothly I was surprised to see today that each initial payment was charged twice.

When I clicked each transactions, I couldn’t really easily find details, so I went to PayPal and could only see one transaction for each pay in 3 purchase, so got a bit worried and contacted them. They explained that each initial payment on the day of purchase was voided and never completed. And I wouldn’t get charged for these.

So I went back to Monzo, clicked “Something Wrong” for the transaction and ONLY there is it available that the payment has gone through but the merchant hasn’t collected the money yet, which in my case they won’t…

Most annoyingly, the two transactions PayPal has cancelled/voided are due to automatically be released in 30 days, whereas the two transactions they will be charging has a 8 day release period.

Am I missing a trick, or is it just not straight forward to identify pending/reserved payments from actually completed ones? Also, what determines the days before release of non collected payments?

There must be a UX friendly way to display pending/reserved transactions and when looking at the balance too to understand what’s the actually balance and which amount is not yet settled.

There is. Other banks show the pending items in a separate list. I prefer this, but others prefer the Monzo way.

Yup, my previous bank had a friendly way to display this in the transaction overview and also where the balance was displayed, without having to go to “something wrong?”…

I’m not sure what the Monzo way is though, other than just not displaying this clearly :laughing:

The “Monzo way” I would allude to be in that pending transactions are displayed in the feed chronologically.

As other poster has mentioned, other banks have a separate section for pending transactions, often above cleared ones.

Click on it and scroll to the bottom. You will then be able to see if its pending or not