Pending incoming BACS

Would it be possible to view incoming BACS payments while they are in transit (ie the day before). HSBC offer this so it is possible.

Seeing into the future for BACS payments and Direct Debits is planned. Possibly as part of the larger project in predicting future spending and subscriptions too, making the graph far more accurate and being able to predict overdraft needs to avoid bounced or declined payments. We have all of the data we need but haven’t designed or built it. Until recently, we would credit your account a day early (at risk to us)! :wink:


This has caught me out today. I am used to my bank showing a pending direct debit the day before and in this scenario I would have known about the debit 4 days in advance (Friday for today).

However today I got a notification of my direct debit being declined. This may be a teething issue with me only just transferring direct debits over and in future would know what is still to debit and ensure I have the funds in place. But I have very much got out of the habit of checking the due dates on the bills knowing I would see this in the account ahead of time.

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