Paypoint charging extra in addition to £1/transaction?

I charged my Monzo card for the first time at Paypoint and the gentleman at the paypoint charged £3 extra for depositing £200.

As per him £1 Monzo charges and £2 his paypoint fee for depositing £200 (£1/£100)

Not sure if this is the correct?
Has anyone come across this extra fee charges by Paypoint?


No that’s not right. You need to speak to Paypoint and name and shame the vendor for this, the store owner is breaking his contract with Paypoint.

It’s worth reporting this to Monzo too.


Probably firing off an email to as I believe they will be best placed to handle this?

No idea.

@simonb any idea what would be the best way to raise this issue?

I’m not so sure now as I found this post :exploding_head: This kind of is and isn’t an acceptance issue.

No need to email acceptance.

Please just let us know details through the in-app chat @dadwal and we’ll get it escalated there.

Just to reiterate - This is 100% not allowed and against the rules of PayPoint.

The only fee there should ever be is the £1 fee to us per deposit. The shop themselves are not allowed to charge a fee for this on top of that.


Again, another example of why Paypoint is utterly inappropriate for depositing money.


Thanks for the responses.
I will take this up with both paypoint and Monzo.

Agree…cash deposit with Monzo is still a grey area.
Corner shops either DO NOT know how it works or are MISLEADING customers.
One of the shops I visited refused to accept cash more than GBP 150 stating that his paypoint terminal has exceeded it’s paypoint cash deposit limit !!!
Post offices accepting Mozo cash deposits would be a great move if it happens at all.

What price would people be prepared to pay for Post Office deposits if they came?

No other bank charges, I certainly wouldn’t say I was happy paying for something that no other provider charges for. Monzo are a bank, the small amount of cash they’re dealing with via PayPoint is a cost of doing business and should be recovered through other means not a per use charge.

“the small amount of cash they’re dealing with”

how much do you think Monzo are dealing with ?

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The same as 99% of other banks.


I don’t disagree in any way with the expectation of free deposits in UK banking but the facts laid out are:

  • Monzo charge
  • Post offices charge more than Paypoint does

So I put those two together and reach an expectation that Monzo will charge more than £1 for PO deposits.

Where I was going with this was challenging any silent assumption that PO deposits would automatically be free “just because”. We may get there, but I don’t expect to on launch day of any PO scheme.

I am certain the Post Office certainly do not charge £1 per transaction - this is ridiculous and I’m certain no other bank would pay this.

I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

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A significantly lower amount of cash than 95% of banks in the UK for sure…

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lol good answer …Ive no idea how much people are depositing in cash and what cost it would be for monzo if they did it free :man_shrugging:

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And compared to their volume of digital transactions probably even less than other banks too

Every bit of info we’ve been presented with via this forum suggests that

  • Monzo don’t profit from the £1 (other than a bit of a round up)
  • Post Office used to charge more
  • Post Office prices have since gone up

I have no facts to back it up and I haven’t searched for the relevant posts yet but that’s what I think we’ve been told in the past.


Monzo could be saying they don’t profit from it because the account on a whole doesn’t profit from it. They haven’t exactly released exact figures so it’s not easy to say for sure what they do get and what they don’t. £1 for a £10 cash transaction seems exorbitant and I’d highly doubt it’s that high.

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