Paypal took my payment but order confirmation does not show up on Boots website

Hi, I hope you are all well. I decided to purchase some items online from Boots UK through the Pay in 3 scheme by PayPal. However, even though PayPal charged my Monzo account, order does not seem to be completed on Boots as I have not received any confirmation and I cannot cancel the pending transaction on PayPal either. I do not know what I should do to take my money back. I hope someone can guide me, looking forward to hearing from you guys. Note: It also says β€œThis is a temporary authorization to make sure your funding source will cover the payment. Your funding source will be charged when Pay in 3 completes your order.” on PayPal website.

You need to speak to Boots.


Looks like they charge initially and once PayPal pay in 3 does it’s checks to confirm you can afford the product, likely once the payment settles? It then refunds the initial amount and charges accordingly to the pay in 3 schedule.

Seen a few posts around the web for this. Give it a few days see if it resolved itself.