Paypal not taking money from account


So I bought a iPhone 8 Plus second hand on eBay for £250 - paid for the item, not using mu card, but selected ‘Pay by bank’ on accident.

I can see a direct debit got setup and paypal have paid the seller, but not taken money out of my account? Does this happen on a specific date?

It said it would use my card as backup if the bank transfer did not work.

Bought and paid on the 14th April.


I’ve had Paypal dely taking payments from me for up to a week, even though they paid the other party immediately. Never got to the bottom of this.



It’s always been that way with PayPal if you pay with bank transfer, it takes a while to come out

That’s because the way Direct Debits work there is a period of time between the company requesting the money from the bank, and the bank actually debiting the money.

It’s never going to be instant when you initiate a debit within PayPal.

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Cheers, I guess I’ve just never done it before. I always used to pay on my card, but didn’t use the right option