PayPal Refund - before Direct Debit has left?


Wondering if anyone has ever experienced similar?

I purchased something using a Bank Account as a funding source on PayPal - the item was not avaliable and a refund was processed.

As it was via a bank account the funds haven’t actually gone out via direct debit yet, will I have to wait for them to leave before they come back? Or is the Direct Debit from my bank account halted?

That’s a question for PayPal, none of us here can see what they’ve requested in the background. How it usually works is PayPal pay for your item and then request the funds which come out days later.

So depending on how long it took before a refund happened and how long it took for PayPal to request the payment, you could be looking at the payment coming out of your bank.

To get any answer you’ll have to contact their customer service team. I’ve had payments come out a week after PayPal have actually paid for the item.

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I think it will come out & I totally appreciate that

It was within minutes, but when I spoke to someone from PayPal they said it’s been requested but not fully processed yet - halfway through they reverted to talking about card authorisation? They didn’t really directly answer my question, just said it can only refunded once processed.

Pretty naff support tbh so hoping someone here has had a similar experience!

PayPal’s systems are pretty much a mystery as to when it takes a payment. I’ve had some credited to my account but then the DD hasn’t come out for another 7 days and then some where it’s taken 2 days later. It’s never the same sequence of events so can’t be any clearer to be fair, sorry :sweat_smile:


Oh so you got the refund first and then paid later? :joy:

I’ve given up trying to work it out to be fair, just make sure money is sat there in case and give them time to collect it, just in case.

Yeah it’s set aside anyway, just quite a long winded process should it be refunded after that!


Just seen this:

When you use your bank account to pay, an ‘Instant Bank Transfer’ becomes your funding source. Despite this name, the money actually takes 5-7 working days to clear from your bank. The reason the payment to your seller completes instantly is because PayPal fund this on your behalf and wait for your bank transaction to clear. If you’re refunded before the transfer completes, the refund is placed on hold to make sure the original transfer clears from your bank.

Your refund will complete within 5-7 working days from the date of your original payment. Once the money has cleared from your bank it will be added to your PayPal balance.

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Interesting, that suggests that the refund will not automatically go back to your selected bank account, but rather to your PayPal balance.

You can always manually transfer it out of PayPal from there, but it does make it a little bit harder to keep track of the funds.

Yes it is strange, almost implies that you are paying yourself via Direct Debit if you are refunded early.

The advisor on twitter contradicted this and said it will go to the funding source, this would involve the direct debit going out and then back in? I guess maybe this is what happens if you get a refund after having paid via DD and he misinterpreted.

Shame there isn’t a way for the DD just to not happen, should PayPal receive the refund themselves - but I suppose the funds are called for instantly and this can’t be avoided.

It’s also a bit confusing as to when I will receive any notification of the refund. Nothing yet and was done on Saturday, so looking like I’ll only know if its been processed properly on Wednesday…

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