Paypal Mess Up

Yeah and they suggested a cancellation. Then re-order without using Paypal.

Billing address was fine. And when I log-in to Paypal my saved address is fine too.

Obviously I could ask Monzo to refund me. But I may as well wait until the PC Store do, as they could end up trying to take the money before the cancellation has been put through

Why did you bother with a refund?

I replied to your last topic about this too. It would still get to you fine.

The lady over the phone suggested a refund.

Which was the last topic ? I know similar has happened before but can’t specifically remember.

Check the autofill on your browser, had a similar issue and that proved to be the culprit.

I check shipping and billing addresses over and over before I buy stuff. I didn’t have to enter any details or autofill as I selected the pre-saved address via Paypal
Most places including Amazon give instant refunds. Obviously not everywhere is the same as I’m going to have to wait upto two days.

You asked exactly the same thing an hour ago and deleted it.

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I didn’t see the reply.

I posted that, and then thought i’d get a refund and that it would come in instantly so deleted the thread

Perhaps not what has occurred in this case, but occasionally when this has happened to me it is because some countries use a different address format. The Netherlands for example uses the reverse format of ‘road name, house number’ on line 1 then on line 2 ‘postcode, town’, France also puts the post code on the second line before the town. More than once I have had an email from UPS saying that the parcel i am receiving is incomplete, and bizarrely it was precisely because the address was formatted differently to what the driver was expecting and so they just assumed it was incorrect and took it back to the depot. From one of the world’s biggest delivery firms it seemed remarkable, but that’s what they said!

Why is there another topic about this :confused:

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Because someone thought this place is looking a bit quiet so made duplicate topics to fill it out a bit. It’s like when you buy a Maxi size Easter egg, open it and find there’s a golf ball sized chocolate egg inside and 3 tonnes of cardboard and plastic holding it in place. It’s ultimately unsatisfying, but at least at first appearance it looks full.

Or someone just made two topics.

Either way it’s not the end of the world. :man_shrugging:


Zero reason to bother with a refund here. But I think you already knew that. In fact maybe you didn’t order anything at all to start with!

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I’ve had the same thing a few times with PayPal, Amazon and just orders in general omitting the “flat” part of my address.

Never had an issue with delivery - always turns out OK.

You could have just waited to see if it arrived. And if it didn’t, then request the refund.

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I’m pretty sure the postie could have figured it out considering they deliver in that area all the time.
It’s not hard to figure out Flat 10 from 10, Flat… especially with postcode and street name in place.

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The only reason I requested cancelletion is because the customer service suggested it. Still waiting for a refund or at least a cancellation confirmation but nothing.

Merchant has issued the refund, now got to wait for Paypal to send it back to my card.

Now I know why I never used to use Paypal.
Paypal say 2-5 days for the money to return into my debit card. So what’s happening now, does it just float around in space for a while ??!

The merchant only wanted you to cancel and refund and pay with a card because the processing fees are less without PayPal. There was zero reason to cancel it.

PayPal have their processes too. It’ll probably be quicker than the 2-5 days. Tomorrow I expect.


Fair enough. Thanks.

If that happens again in future should I just leave it then ? Just didn’t want the risk of something going wrong.

You already have answer in the thread

Anecdotal, but some how in ordering before I managed to compeltely miss off my house/street number on an order. (I think the website broke it but I’m not sure…)



Still made it to me - obviously the post code sort got it so far, and the postie doing the sorting was familiar enough with names on this street to get it to the right place.

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