Monzo CA PayPal link

I linked my Monzo CA debit to paypal. But I want and the bank, so I did added the sort code and account number, and you know that you have to confirm the bank account so they charge you £0 and they show you the code in the transaction detail, but on my monzo app doesn’t show me the code… but when I added my other bank account it did. What should i Do ?

When I added my CA to PayPal I received the code instantly. There have been a couple of reports here tonight regarding transactions not appearing in the feed, so I wonder if this may be the case?

I’d wait until the morning to see if the problem resolves itself. If not, resend the code?


Yeah, I got the transaction but it doesn’t give me any code…just a long number of 7-8 numbers…I will wait and see ,

Oh it worked ! got another transaction with the code in :smiley: thanks !


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