Payment with Friends privacy concern

It is a Privacy issue that is not necessary IMHO

Just to point out here: any one you share your sort code with (using a normal bank transfer) also knows who you bank with.

That includes when you send a payment to someone else - they can see which sort code it was sent from.


You have a National Insurance number, so do I but the HMRC don’t tell me what it is
I presume you have a driving licence, again It is not shared
Your kids go to a school? Again the Government does not tell me… Why should a bank share the details when it’s not necessary
Agreed that the option says it does even though many don’t read it but my simple point is it does not have to and I guarantee many Monzo users don’t know that and or don’t care

Of course it has to share that information. That is the feature.

Monzo to Monzo payments AKA “Payments with Friends” is literally “sending money via a phone number”.

People that have this feature enabled have to be shown in the app. Otherwise you’d just send money into the ether.


You are yet to explain why. You just keep repeating the above.

I guess any privacy concerns would be allayed if the customer could choose which of their contacts their information was shared with.


None of those things are the same.

To make a more accurate analogy, anyone who sees you drops your kids off knows what school they go to.

Why is this such an issue for you? Nobody can do anything by knowing who you bank with.

Because yawn they don’t have to share everyone’s details, with everyone else.
Just change the feature.
If you want to advertise the fact that you have a Monzo account with everyone who has a Monzo account and your phone number put it on your Facebook profile, although I don’t you would

If you say so

I have made my point and viewed my concern that’s all

Exactly :+1:

It’s not needed you don’t send money via a phone number they do it with internal mechanisms (I hope) verifying your name, account and sort code for true bank identity.
I am not the app designer, are you?

Really, Google hacking. Identity privacy is really really important and should not be shared by a company. That is my point, not that they don’t tell you, they do, but they don’t have to… Get it?

If you turn it off you can’t as easily send money to other Monzo account holders in your contacts
Also if it is on you can’t as easily see senders bank account details, but I have shared the specifics with Monzo so don’t need to elaborate here.

what could someone possibly do if they know you have a monzo account with your number in their contact list other than send you money? unlike other banks unless you give out your account details there’s hardly much you can do with monzo’s payment with friends.


You haven’t made any coherent points. You’ve just rambled about privacy on a feature you turned on.

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Fixed it for you.

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This is going nowhere except round in circles so it’s time to close it down. As suggested many times if the feature is worrying you in some way then disable it.