View pending requested payments

(Camilia Yavari) #1

I don’t think this feature is available or been requested from what I searched. Apologies if it has.

I requested a payment from a friend recently and they usually pay the same day so I assumed they had but I realised by an off chance a couple of days later they hadn’t. So I was thinking it would be good to have a feature that keeps track of that sort of thing for you. Would even better if it remind you after a couple of days if it was still pending so you can prompt whoever you request the payment from.

It would probably be best to live in the request section
only when you click on request it doesn’t take you straight to the payment information section but rather a page with a log of past payments and pending payments. It would be good if it saves the link too and had a button to resend it.

A similar feature i find missing is that I often end up requesting payments from existing monzo contacts but there doesn’t seem to be an option to share a link directly to a monzo contact, but rather having to share a link externally like Whatsapp or Text.

Just some thoughts. I’m rubbish at keeping track of who owes me so this would be a money saver.



It’s a cool idea. Not sure how Monzo would be able to link a request with the payment, though. For Monzo to Monzo it’d be much simpler but I’d imagine a unique URL tag would be the solution for Monzo to non-monzo?

(Camilia Yavari) #3

There is the current ‘split the bill’ feature which implies requests can be linked to payments. But that said it doesn’t necessarily need to link to a payment, just a log of requests would be one solution.

(Eve) #4

I like this idea, perhaps it could potentially be tagged/ flagged a certain way and you could tap a quick button (sort of like flagged emails in Outlook on mobile) to see pending payments/ requests.

(Toby Toller) #5

There’s a sneak peak around this in the app under ‘coming soon’.

Can’t work out how to link it so here’s a screenshot:


This doesn’t load in my app (Android) even though I get the feed item :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Have you ever been on iPhone :see_no_evil: it’s not available in Android just yet :pensive:


Yeah I recently switched :pensive: