Monthly resolutions and reminders

I now use monzo for most of my everyday spending and saving. I was thinking it would be great if there was a notes function to add any monthly resolutions or reminders.

For example upcoming birthdays and things to save for. Or a reminder to cut down on coffees/ Uber eats

A possible workaround solution for the time being…I have pots for mine.

So for Birthdays I have a pot with a goal that puts a bit in each month over the year. Then when I hit the goal 1 month prior to the persons birthday I get a notification. This then reminds me to withdraw the money to go find a gift :slight_smile:


Just wondering why you think this is something for a banking app?


I just use reminders and a calendar on my phone.


That’s a really good idea! I’m a new user and didn’t realise there was a notification after reaching a goal for a pot. That’s super helpful

Interesting idea - once I’ve spent over £__ on coffee in a budget period start telling me off when I buy coffee. Lends itself to Monzo being able to get creative with and periodically change the text.

Not sure where birthday reminders would fit in a banking app, surely a todo / calendar app would be much better suited.

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The notification once a pot reaches target is useful enough for reminders I think now.

I totally agree with your suggestion