Paid for Features: whacky, out of the box and plain normal ideas

So over here, new paid features seemed quite popular.

I’m intrigued? What would you like to see in Plus/Premium (or, Indeed, a new paid tier).

Bonus points for off the wall and whacky ideas but all the basic ones are good too.

I’ll start!

Riffing off this comment, and inspired by the Google Sheets export, I’d like for my Monzo transactions to be published as as calendar that I can subscribe to and view in a calendaring app. It’d be cool if it could cover:

  • Past transactions (with a link to open in the Monzo app)
  • End of day balance
  • Scheduled/predicted future transactions (including salary in / recurring bills etc)
  • A calendar per connected account

Probably impossible, but bonus points (and my eternal love) if we could schedule payments / create expected future payments from within the calendar interface.


By calendar do you mean an actual calendar that lists what you spent on X day?

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I don’t use Plus or Premium. I don’t like the minimum term, and particularly for Plus the cost is a bit higher than I’d like.

I’d like to see a version of Plus which only had the software enhancements (didn’t have things like Plus-specific debit card, interest on balance etc) and didn’t have a minimum term. If this was available for £2-3 per month, I’d very likely go for it.


I mean like a proper online calendar that you can subscribe to from Google Calendar or Outlook or whatever your jam is.

I think in that calendar I’d like to have events that represent transactions: so I can scroll back and see where I was and what I spent. I’m mostly interested in future payments though: I currently put them in as all day events to remind me, but it’d be cool for Monzo to do it automagically.

(See, told you it was weird and whacky!)


That’s far beyond anything I’d ever thought of, but I guess apps such as Google photos can group photos and create a thing to say you were here on this day and this is what you did etc.

Not sure I’d wanna be reminded things like "Here’s your trip to (name of bar/city) and here’s how much you spent.


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You could probably make the calendar with the export, not sure how do-able it would be to link it to an actual calendar, Google syncs quite nicely do I bet it’s doable.

I did start it once for my own data but didn’t feel like that view was that good.

Hopefully this thread has more ideas than “make it cheaper” and “Monzo gives me money”


“Call a Monzonaut” button. You press it once a month, and you’re connected to a Monzonaut (who of course is working at the time) completely at random for a quick chat about whatever. 5 minutes for Plus, 10 for Premium


I’d like them to resurrect work on the API, and on IFTTT. Let people build. Support an ecosystem of Monzo apps. Become a platform. I mean, it’s stupid not to given that people will throw so much of their free time into it. You could even host a special section in the app for widgets and allow people to build them with the API. I could knock up the calendar feed in a few hours with this.


Strangely enough, I like this idea.

(Interior of @AlanDoe’s lair: Alan puts his head in his hands, takes a deep breath and wonders why he always has to take @peter_g’s “Call a Monzonaut” request. He pours another whiskey and reluctantly accepts the call…)


OMG a million times this.

This is the key, essential, most important and transformative thing that Monzo could do. Ever.



It’s sad that IFTTT works better than some of Monzos own features


As something restricted to Plus/Premium?

Wouldn’t potential developers want a wider user base?

I’m definitely getting to the point where a) I’m old, b) I’ve spent too much time on here, and c) I now have a whole bunch of “here’s one I prepared earliers”:


I am guessing that the pushback on developing such a thing is always around security; if someone has the ability to script then they have the ability to steal. But if you remove (as indeed the API does) any ability to send money outside an account then you’ve really extremely restricted the ability anyone has to do permanent damage.

But the upsides really are manifold. All that free labour, all those free ideas. A vibrant community building things, interacting, helping one another and making the world a better place.


It’s such a shame how Freemium and SaaS (maybe even BaaS…) have become of late that’s drastically reduced the Monzo experience.

As many here will know I was the biggest fan of Google Sheets export and integration with IFTTT.

Until both IFTTT restricted the different paid for tiers in what you could do, and what price point they decided to do it at, and Monzo rolled out new features in a way that broadly breaks GSheets. Shame.

I genuinely think a workable tool that allows both devs (via API) and Regular people (Via GSheets) to customise and build to their hearts content would be the numero uno thing.

Beyond that:

  1. Let me manage my budget like YNAB. I want granularity, not imprecise trends. My budget is more than spending and I always feel Trends don’t let me account for that.

  2. Make paid for feature work fully inside the ecosphere. (All features for that matter)

But for an actual feature or two:

  • investment platform of sorts - would love to manage my platform in app, beyond a savings pot (and by paid for I assume there’d be a degree of commission)

  • custom card images and other on demand card customisations.

  • cheque books

  • post office access

  • visits to Monzo office for socials for the metal card gang or something

  • But Seriously, things like investival(? Correct name?) or other types of public events.

  • Monzo plushies.

  • super forum powers.

  • raffle to be an extra in a Monzo ad


What role would you be interested in? :sweat_smile:

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Do you have a cast list? :eyes:

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A 6 foot 4 Monzo plushie


Haha no, I’ve not seen anything about any ads coming up any time soon.

Totally curious though what our customers would love to play if we did have one. :sweat_smile:


Every proper manual/connected finances app (Quicken / MS Money) and several online ones from decades ago had/have calendar displays. While they are within the app/services own ecosystem, it can’t be too hard to push a sub-set of a Monzo transaction details to a chosen calendar service.

Lookin at you, Daybridge.

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