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I have just been paid and have allocated my monthly spend to my Monzo pots (I am in the best financial position of my life thanks to the pots !!)

Whilst I was allocating money i kept coming out of the app to check my calendar for dates…

Could we have a calendar in the Monzo app ?

It would make life that little bit easier.

Keep up the brilliant work Monzo


I agree. It is annoying having to come out and go back in each time. An icon for a calendar would be awesome.

Would be good to put this thread in the ideas forum.

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Like that? :smirk:

Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t notice where it was

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That’s the one

I’d quite like committed spending (direct debits, recurring payments and standing orders) to sync with the calendar on my phone. Would be nice to have an overview of when payments are due. That would be optional - a calendar in app would be useful too but only if it plotted useful information on it too.

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Yeah, sounds good with DD’s SO’s etc etc listed in their dates. Also include must pay reminders, salary pay date, biggest spend date of the month, smallest spend date. The list is endless… OMG money is part of my everyday !!! Monzo could end up knowing more about me than I do, or dare I say it even more than facebook knows about me… :joy::joy:

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