Payment name change

A payment to my wife’s account is for caters allowance from DWP . However the payment details now show as HMRC tax credits. Any ideas why . It’s not from payee as spoken to them

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You can request changes in app. Tap into the transaction and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a link that says ‘improve name or logo’.

Bear in mind that not everyone gets caterers allowance from the DWP, so it’s best to suggest a more generic name such as DWP.

And for more info on how it all works have a look at the last few posts in here

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Ah it’s not just me then ! I’ve got two pension payments in app from this morning showing HMRC instead of pension.

Clearly a bug !!

Pain in the arse . But dwp say it’s definitely not them :+1:

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It’s not the DWP. It’s Monzos transaction enrichment.

It won’t change unless you follow the steps mentioned earlier and suggest an alternative name. It could well change again if someone believes a different name is better suited so be sure to keep an eye on it.

You can see the original name if you scroll right to the bottom of the transaction.


Stuff like this shouldn’t be able to be changed on a whim. Just goes to show no one’s paying much attention at Monzos end when accepting changes

you can say that again it as happened to me as well i have had to raise a complaint about this as this is the second time this as happened to me

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Just as a follow up I raised the issue with Monzo yesterday via the note at the foot of the transaction which says “improve name or logo” (something along those lines) and today they’ve remedied things!

Fairly quick given how things are at present.

Happy New Year guys. :tada:

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Kind regards

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