Payment links

Is it possible to add a variable to a link to pre-fill the payment amount?

Yes it is, there’s a guide on how to do this here -

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Ah, I’ve just found out it doesn’t allow payments of more than £100 - Is this a bug?

No it’s not -

I’m pretty sure that the useage comment is a reference to the fact that it costs Monzo money to accept these transfers (payments). There’s more details on the limits here -

Annoyingly, it was just over that! Old school bank payment it is then! :expressionless:

Thanks for the quick feedback! :smiley:

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Multiple payments? A bit of a hassle but surely less hassle than old school bank payment.

I did think that, but too clunky - Was supposed to be a quick payment from someone I wanted to show off the technology to. That failed abysmally…

I think £250 like my old cheque guarantee card limit would be better

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