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We’ve just pushed as sneak peeked by @hugo to Testflight on iOS, so I thought I’d pop a note here about the various limits around this feature. These will be in the app in the Limits section with the next update too :slight_smile:

  • Maximum payment through £100
  • Minimum payment: £1
  • £1000 incoming payments per 30 day rolling period
  • £500 per sender debit card in each 30 day rolling period

These limits are in place to help protect against fraud and money laundering, as well as ensure we stay on top of usage. These are in addition to the existing limits that are in place on your account in terms of topping up, maximum balance etc :slight_smile: A couple of people also wondered if they could use this to collect payments for their business — unfortunately, we’re focusing on providing personal accounts and so using this to collect payments for your business doesn’t align with our aims and terms. The feature is totally free for both requester and receiver because it’s for personal use! :slight_smile:

We’ll obviously keep an eye on them and tweak the limits over time as need be! Hope that helps.
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Any chance of being able to reserve a username on android. Sorry for moaning, love the feature


sign in using an iOS device and turn on “monzo with friends”

That’s the only way currently

There’s going to be a new Android Beta release soon though, apparently

(Josh Bray) #5

I hope it comes soon. Don’t really have access to an iOS device.

(Rika Raybould) #6

Shouldn’t be too long then. :wink:

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Any chance I can slip in on the Testflight releases?

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An implicit limit is that this is for debit cards only. The page doesn’t mention anywhere that credit cards aren’t supported.

I had my hopes up – that’s a big bummer :frowning: (since alot of my family outside the UK have credit cards but not working international debit cards).

(James Billingham) #9 really isn’t suitable for international payments - the costs of doing so via payment cards are too high, both for Mondo and the person sending you money.

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Are there any plans to alter or change these spending limits as the feature develops or will these more or less stay the same?

Also will it be possible to use these on the web? One very obvious application for this would be to tip independent bloggers, artists, or other creators etc. online, who currently struggle to monetise their content with adverts - but a link with a set amount of 50p or whatever could very easily enable this!