Paym support for CA

I know that Monzo to Monzo payments will be coming soon for CA but I’m also curious about a potential PayM implementation, mostly for quick transfers to other banks.

Since it’s also based on mobile numbers, it could be implemented in a fairly transparent way in the app. I assume it’ll require a bit of work in the background but I think it would be good to have.

It was already mentioned in another thread but I didn’t see any recent message from the Monzo team since the CA rollout.


good question, the only thing i’ll miss from Barclays is Pingit. Hopefully we will get support for Paym

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I’m a big proponent for Paym. I use it a lot and still am through my legacy current account.


Are there cost to Monzo in supporting Paym?


I’d also love paym support. Obviously it’s a bit of an ‘out’ for users as monzo direct payments are the alternative and attract people to the bank, but we’re not going to get everyone onto monzo (this year :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Personally, never used it. I would have though Monzo Me would take a fair share of the usage?

Two advantages of Paym:

  1. Person paying you can do so from within their banking app, which they may prefer or may be more convenient (not having to enter card details).

  2. No cost to Monzo (I believe Paym simply links your phone number to your bank details, so the actual transfer is a standard Faster Payments).


Any update on a PayM implementation on the way? is cool, but I’ll need people to be on Monzo and not all my friends are as wise as me… doesn’t need them to be on monzo. They just enter card details.


How would they do that though if they already have a Monzo account? My BF doesn’t use Monzo (apart from for travel), so gets annoyed if I send him money through

Also, having a ‘request’ button would be useful - to nudge someone to pay a certain amount to you

The trouble is that very few people use Paym, so it’s hard to justify the development time, when M2M payments, and bank transfers can do the trick.


PayM is probably underused because most mobile banking apps are awful. If they offered an experience comparable to Monzo I’m sure it would be more used.

Yes, but that’s obviously beyond Monzo control, and most other banks don’t care (which is why Monzo exists, of course!). Hopefully when Monzo have everything in place, people will forget the need for Paym

But not everyone will be on Monzo, that’s my point. So PayM is still necessary, otherwise you’re back to bank transfers (not exactly hard to do, but PayM is easier).

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I too would be very dissapointed if Monzo didn’t gain Paym support. I find it’s by far the best way to send/receive the occasional payment to/from friends and family. As there is no need to enter any account details (and worry you’re going to accidentally send the money to the wrong person), and no need to worry about which bank they are with, you simply tap on the person in your contacts list and instantly send them money.


Paym is by far the easiest way to send money to others with different bank accounts and only relies on sending to a phone number that is linked to a bank account. I have and still heavily rely on paym with my current account with Barclays, and the lack of paym payments on monzo current account is actually the only reason why I haven’t made the full switch to using monzo as my sole current account.


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