PAYM, any nearer?

I saw this once on the features that might be coming, is this ever going to happen? I keep a Nationwide account open just to receive PAYM payments, I then transfer the money to Monzo or vice versa.

I know there are other ways to be paid by sending links etc. But people then have to get their cards out to pay, PAYM is simpler.


It’s not something we are working on at the moment. Adoption and usage of the scheme isn’t super high as I understand it.


Yes probably right. I think it has been poorly communicated by the industry, most people just don’t know it exists or how to use it.

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Pure disappointment from the PAYM movement / terribly disappointing… Sweden seem to have grabbed it or similar and reaped the benefits :slight_smile:

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I don’t use PayM and don’t know anyone who uses it.

It’s an industry standard which solves a problem. Banks should auto sign customers up when accounts are opened, with an option to opt out, and sell it as a ‘feature’.


Yep agree. It is so useful when people understand how it works

There’s about 4 million users, and that’s despite the big banks being quiet pushy about it. It’s a proper ‘nice to have’ just not a real must have

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Just like cheque imaging, paying in cash, etc. :roll_eyes:

Barclays pushed it quite heavily via Ping and as a result I and most of my mates who bank with Barclays use it exclusively to pay each other. While we have also encouraged other friends with other banks to use PayM - most of whom were not aware it was even an option until then. So poor marketing definitely an issue.

Without a doubt absence of PayM remains a reason I couldn’t go #fullmonzo.

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Surprised paym is still a thing… paypal is what everyone I know uses.

Having to give someone your mobile phone number to use it is a fatal flaw IMO. I don’t give that information out to randoms. If it supported email I might consider it.

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I only used it to pay friends and family. Never for anything else.

Use Monzo now :grin:

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pingit is what introduced it to me as a first tier option for payments. Excellent app.

Is Pingit still a thing? Remember Barclays covering the country with it in 2012, but thought it had faded since then

Indeed it is; it adds a like feature and the ability to send money to either a phone number (Paym) or a Twitter handle too (via Pingit.)

Within the next few months bPay devices will be merged into the app too. I think it would be nice just to merge everything into the main Barclays app to be fair.

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It’s pretty good, fast, very polished. I agree with the above post, they should merge it all into the main app.

Pingit type implementation of PayM is half the problem… is Pingit PayM or is it just Barclays? Go on website and its not easy to work out… by this time you have given up and just done a bank transfer by manually entering in details. In my opinion PayM has not been a success because of the way it is marketing, and because some banks like Monzo don’t support it :wink:

PayM I think is a great solution, if people just understood it and didnt think it was another alternative to PayPal… it is just making it super easy to do a bank transfer, and in fact safer as it confirms who you are paying!


Hi Monzo community just joined the community but I have been with Monzo since March and to say I love it would be an understatement and do most of my banking though Monzo the only thing for me that stops a full switch to Monzo is the lack of support for Paym so would like to request that Monzo support Paym and that would get me to fully switch

Not really sure why you’d need this?

There’s a replication of the system - arguably a better alternative - already built and working.

Thank you for your reply I myself don’t use Paym it’s used by other family/friends to send me money and they are resistant to change.