PayM Update

Hi Monzo,

I know it’s been discussed briefly before hand. But is there any plans to add PayM support to Monzo? I would mention the benefits but I’m sure you already know :slightly_smiling_face:

Short answer : Yes!

Slightly less short answer : It’s on our To-Do list, not super high priority but not low priority either, and the accreditation process is quite lengthy.

I wouldn’t expect it within the next 6 months to be honest.


That’s good enough for me. Not so fussed as to when was more curious if :blush:
Would tie in well with Monzo to Monzo payments. Where if you pay via mobile number it defaults to Monzo to Monzo if they have an account otherwise attempts PayM.

As always thanks for the quick responses @simonb , do you ever take a break :wink: :clock7::+1:t3:


He doesn’t sleep.


I agree, it’d be great! I’ll try and get some more clarity from our Payments team on where we can likely slot it into our timeframe.

This is true. I’m actually a vampire :vampire:t6:‍♂️


his favourite tipple is O-


Oh cool! I thought you’d said No before…

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