Paying off Overdraft Fees

(Matteo Scotton) #1

So I dipped into my overdraft at the start of the month, which I don’t mind because I wanted to give it a go and see how it works. I really like it, simple to use, easy to understand. However it was only for a few days, and now I’ve had a note saying “Overdraft charges” at the top of my feed since the beginning of February. That’s fine, I know why it’s there, and I’m glad it builds up in a way that’s clear. I also like that if you click on it, it gives you further info etc.

But what I would like to see, is an option to pay this off early. It’s only a few pound and now I’m just waiting for March for no reason when I have the funds to pay.

I’m not suggesting it should auto-deduct once there’s money in the account, but I think an option to clear sooner would, in my opinion, be a useful tool.

Flexibility on paying overdraft charges
(Matt) #2

it would be nice if we could settle any overdraft charges we have accumulated at any time, instead of having them settled on the first of the month.

I intent to apply for an overdraft when I need it and reduce it to zero when I don’t, effectively using it like a payday loan. I reduced my overdraft to zero on the 4th but accumulated charges will be taken next month. Would be nice if I could settle them now.

(Only available in amateur ) #3

It’s been suggest a few times before and there was an official reply here Making Overdrafts Available

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Hey Matt :wave:

Thanks for sharing this idea, I’m a fan too! I’ve moved your post here just to keep all of the discussion about this in one place, I hope that’s ok :raised_hands: