Hide overdraft charges so far

I know this could easily be solved by just not going into the overdraft, but sometimes it does happen by accident and I get stuck with the reminder at the top of my feed that I owe £0.01 in 18 day’s time.

Whilst obviously it is an important thing to keep track of, I think there should at least be the option to move this reminder into the payments Schedule tab.

I wonder if they are allowed to ‘hide’ it? Given FCA rules on overdrafts changing recently?

No idea, just thinking out loud!


It will just cause them more support queries that they’ll have to try and hide from.

“You owe us 17p on 15/8/2020”
Great, I don’t need to see that everyday. HIDE
15/8 -17p from account
wHy DiDnT yOu TeLl Me!!!111111 Now I can’t afford to eat!


Good point! I did have a cursory glance at the FCA sites and available documentation around the changes, but nothing about app guidance.

But likely agree with @Revels that removing it might cause a lot more fuss than it’s worth!

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Funny cos true.

I’d like it if you could press into it and get a “pay it now” button, agreeing for them to just take it there and then.