Pay overdraft charges early

TL;DR: Allow users to pay overdraft charges whenever it suits them.

Hey guys,

My first suggestion, eeek!

So - unlike the majority of people who get paid monthly - I get paid on the 10th of the month, not at the end of the month. After a year and a half I’m still not really used to it.

BUT - here’s the thing. If I’m going to be in my overdraft in any given month, it’s likely to be the last few days of the month and/or the first 10 days of the next month.

This means that if I go into my overdraft at the start of the next month, I’ve got to wait until the end of the month to get rid of that nagging overdraft fees bar at the top of my feed - despite having the funds there to pay for it currently.

Seeing that “July Charges” thing every time I open up Monzo makes me unhappy, and I’m not sure being able to hide that is the responsible thing to do - but being able to pay it off whenever you’ve got cash available would be really useful.

Whaddaya think?

Thanks guys!


I see absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t exist - I’m surprised it doesn’t already?

Also, have you considered moving all of your DD’s to the 10th-15th of the month?

That would possibly solve part of your issue :slight_smile:


Hi Nick,

Yeah, I was thinking there may be some cost involved for Monzo if someone if frequently going into their overdraft then paying it off, but as it’s an internal payment - hopefully it wouldn’t cost them anything?

I have moved the majority of my DD’s to the 10th, yes! DD’s generally aren’t the problem (it’s my bad spending habits that are the problem, ha!)


I don’t have an overdraft with Monzo, so I can’t comment too much on this - But I would have thought that any fee (no matter how big or small) you end up paying on an overdraft, is of benefit to Monzo - I don’t think it’d cost them anything to allow you to pay it back early (other than missed overdraft fees)?

I’m sure someone with far more knowledge will come along soon!

As for the spending, that’s a different ball game - So many places to start that can help - I hope you find the one that works for you!

I can see how it’d be super helpful to align charges with the schedule in Summary - or more basically to set a pay date like you can do with most direct debits. Good idea!


I would like to bump this topic because I currently owe 50p and it’s doing my head in ha


This should definitely be a feature, otherwise Monzo are keeping you in an overdraft longer than necessary

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I’m not technically in an overdraft now, so I don’t think that’s an issue. It’s just that they wait until the end of the month to charge you the overdraft fees, so it’s gonna be hanging around at the top of my app for the rest of the month - like a dark cloud over my entire existence :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


Yeah, it’s really a good idea. We should be able to add a button that says “Pay my overdraft fee”, and it debits your account immediately and removes the orange notification.

I’ll pass it along to the team :+1:


Thanks Tom! Look forward to hopefully seeing it added.

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Any information on this top idea? One that @tom himself acknowledged


A cheeky bump again…


Is this a thing yet? I get paid on the 15th, whereas payments for this go out at the end of the month, so I have 2 weeks with the overdraft payment due at the top :sob:

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Looks like it’s coming, if this is for overdrafts :stuck_out_tongue: :eyes:

It was added to the android app strings recently :slight_smile: