Paying off monzo loan


Juts need to pay off a loan early but can not do it from my account but from a third party.

Support is not able to give me the details (pressure sort code/Acc number and my account number)

anyone else been able to do this ?


Why can’t you move the money to your Monzo account?

Did you close your Monzo account or something? if you did, that’s a very stupid thing, hopefully your account didn’t get closed

If you still have a Monzo account, transfer in and pay off that way.

If your Monzo account is closed and you have a repayment plan, only support can help with if/how you can pay off early.

Please provide more info rather than vague details to be able to offer better advice.

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I’m assuming this is some sort of balance transfer type deal you’re trying to pay it off with right?

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