Paying HMRC by bank transfer

I have always paid my self assessment to HMRC by bank transfer, but there have been a lot of threads recently along the lines of mistyped account numbers and sort codes…

It made me a little nervous doing it this time, although I double and triple checked the numbers. I didn’t think it was practical to send a £1 test amount as I wouldn’t even know who to call to see if it had been paid. (Although I perhaps could have paid £1 and checked a week later to see if the amount I owed had changed).

So, given all this, should HMRC stop offering this as a payment option?

After the first time you pay the details are saved though. Bank transfer is easy and convenient as long as you triple check new payees

Confirmation of payee will really help in the future

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You can pay it via card online. It’s much easier cuts out any potential mistyping.

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definitely not IMO…

  1. If you’ve ever paid them before it’s in your payment history
  2. if you’ve double and triple checked then you’ve done all you can.
  3. if you’re worried you can pay by debit card

If HMRC details change regularly I might be looking for a technical solution but this really is just a case of the user being careful.



It’s actually quite difficult to mistype the HMRC account numbers and sort codes - as most banks have them hard coded in their list of companies/utilities/credit card firms and all you need to do is choose the right supplier.

If Monzo don’t do this, this is a weakness in their systems not HMRC.

Of course, there is always the risk of putting in the wrong reference number but you have a lot less to check if that and the amount are the only things you are entering.

If you don’t want to enter the bank account details, pay by debit card instead.


Have you considered direct debit instead?

You can set up a DD to take the January and July payments.

Copy and Paste ??

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Definitely shouldn’t stop it. In addition to all the above most companies including HMRC have their details in the biller service which most big banks use. Using this means the details are official and can be confirmed which further helps reduce human error.

Nothing you said remotely implies this so, like everyone else, a resounding no.

I’m not sure you know what the word “given” means in your op

I assure you, I do. But thank you for your input.

This is interesting.