PayExpo 2018

Any reason Monzo aren’t on here? Starling have 3 people in the shortlist!

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You can vote for three people from the shortlist below that you think should be recognised for their on-going commitment to pushing boundaries in the payments sector.

Well, GPS are there, they are surely pushing some boundaries :joy:

Fyi, I’m surprised GoCardless are not on that list…


Starling reminds me of a Z Lister or an old Big Brother contestant from 2000 where they will just turn up to anything to try and get/keep their name out there.

I’m surprised with the amount of times I have seen Starling in the press or at these types of things they don’t have a bigger customer base then Monzo


Me too - But then I also can’t explain why Starling tend to top Monzo in the polls (voted by the users).

With Monzo’s customer base being pretty vocal in support (certainly online), you’d think it would translate into online votes.

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lol bit difficult to vote for them if they aren’t even on the list though :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - Monzo ? - never heard of em :slight_smile:

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Aha, tis true in those situations.

Did you ever find out about the “Best Bank 2018” awards that Starling won by about 0.0001%?

That would have been the obvious one for Monzo to win (with the user base/vocal support).


indeed - Starling seem to whip up their supporters by asking for their votes on social media - now they haven’t got a community forum to do it :slight_smile: more than Monzo do - though I do recall tristan asking for google / possibly trust pilot reviews :slight_smile:


I’ve seen a few posts on social media - Can’t remember seeing much on the forum (but I tend to ignore things like that).

Even still… I’m still surprised that.

  1. Monzo aren’t on more lists (is there a reason?)
  2. They don’t blow the competition away with user voted polls

I’ve never given the online polls much consideration personally (the results that is).

But it surprised me none the less.

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I don’t suppose it could have anything to do with sponsorship could it ? , seems strange that at least one of the “leading” fintechs isn’t even on the list - - Monzo , never heard of em, what do they do ? :slight_smile: Revolut , hmmmm nope :slight_smile: yet three of Starling are “nominated”


I’ve always assumed Starling are in the press as much as they are (and awards etc), due, in part to Annes phonebook.


which is fine - but rather makes the award somewhat pointless if their main “competitor” isn’t even on the list to vote for :slight_smile: - should they win after mustering the troops - which Im sure they will , after all whats the point of sponsorship if you don’t get your reward :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - maybe Im being too cynical :slight_smile:

Fyi, Starling are making an announcement on that Expo.

Also N26 are having a talk that sounds kind of interesting.

I think Monzo’s approach is to have Open Office and invite the community to their space rather than doing those talks at forums (similarly to how Apple is rarely at trade shows). Different approach I guess :slight_smile:


I take the “awards” side of things with a pinch of salt - I’m sceptical at the best of times, and I always wonder whose had a private word with who before hand!

But my original point was the surprise at “user voted” polls - Granted, I don’t have much to work with, but the couple I’ve seen (MSE’s recent one being a good example) - Starling and Monzo have had similar numbers vote for them.

Starling customers don’t strike me as being particularly hot on the “I must get Starling to number 1” - But I’m sure the social media pleas have helped a little.

But the link to the MSE poll was even put on here (which as far as I can tell, is the best place for all things Monzo on the internet), yet it still didn’t get many votes.

Appreciate online votes don’t equate to… anything really - But based on what I’ve seen online, and the “accounts open” from both banks, I would have wagered a large amount that Monzo would get at least twice as many votes as Starling in online polls (I would have lost that bet).

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I agree , you would have thought that with the numbers of Mozo users they would walk every vote, maybe the Starling users are more bothered about the awards after being mustered ? :slight_smile:

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Those people never made it to the forum! :joy:

All pointless thoughts really!

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I remember seeing two post on Starling’s forum asking users about that (one by a user asking others to go on and vote and another by staff, though I don’t remember the contents). I don’t remember seeing the same on this forum, so maybe that could have accounted for the reason. I didn’t even know there was an award until I saw Starling won. :joy: In any case I’m happy for Starling, more people knowing about fintech = more users for Monzo too. Lots of people on Starling use Monzo too and vice-versa

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I saw someone “rally the troops” for the recent MSE poll (on behalf of Monzo) - But in general, I’ve not seen much! Like you, I don’t know most of these exist.

It’s good that other people will stand up and notice what Monzo/Starling are doing with their apps.

Although I still worry that by the time the masses come around to the “mobile banking” way of life, the “big boys” will have very good apps, and we’ll be back to square one (I hope I’m wrong).

But without these forums, I’d never have a clue what other people needed from a bank.

I’m very much “no cash, no cheques, no need for branches, no big spreadsheets, no funny pay days” - I’m about as simple as they come (as my wife will tell you).

So for me, mobile banking is a breeze - The fact I never have to step foot in a branch is a massive bonus.


And I also don’t have to call anyone and wait on hold for ages :fire: generally things with legacy banks are good as long as they work but when something goes wrong, getting help is a massive pain. I avoid having to call as much as possible.


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