Payees for international transfers

Please add My Payees or Recent payees section to international transfers just like the Recent payees for UK transfers, so you don’t have to enter all details every time you want to make international transfer to the same person.

Folk have been requesting this from day one of international transfers.

If it’s a huge pain for you, I’d advise going to TransferWise, setting up an account there, and add all of your international payees.

It’s a better solution than using Monzo if you need to pay the same person repeatedly.


Is there any update on this one? This seems to be a basic functionality missing in the app. Update from Monzo on this would be great

It’s a pain having to enter the account details every time you make an international transfer to same person or my other country account having an “intuitive” app

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Hey Rafeek, I solved this by downloading TransferWise app and creating an account with them. You can save international payees there and it’s quite easy to use although not without the glitches. Hope this helps.


i couldn’t agree more! please Monzo!!

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Payees for international transfers are on their way:


As always, many thanks to @awjdean for being one of our topic hygiene superstars

Worth closing this topic now/soon @AlanDoe?