Payees don't delete across joint partners

Hi - I recently noticed on my wife’s phone that, although payees are shared across a joint account, it seems deletions of payees are not. In other words, my wife’s phone shows up a much longer list of payees than mine, because she can see loads of old / out of date ones that I’ve deleted on my phone.

Do we know if this is intended behaviour, or is this a bug?

Thank you.

(We’re using Apple phones btw)


Ooh, good question!

I’ve always thought that while it’s a Joint Account, the :monzo: app treats each user independently (thus creating the possible technical problems of delivering Joint/Personal account feature-parity - but I digress)

In other words - you pay a new payee from your Joint Account in your :monzo: app and the payee is stored in your payees. The transaction (made by you) shows in the Joint Account feed for both JA users - but the payee you created isn’t automatically created in the payee list of the other JA user.

Now how can I test this one properly?..


Thank you. Our experience is that a new payee appears on both users’ payee lists, but if one of us deletes one, it doesn’t delete from the other. For our usage patterns, sharing payees makes sense, whereas I can see some may prefer for the two to be independent. But currently it doesn’t quite seem to be doing either…

Thank you for your help.

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