Pay with Monzo, win great prizes

More than likely a bug given the T&C state Plus and Premium customers. I’m sure they’ll correct that and ensure us basic lot don’t sneak in. :rofl:


Thanks Russell, good to know. Each lack of JA inclusion of features makes me consider the way forward and I’m sure it helps turn customers to alternatives. Starling is getting pretty close to what we need in a Joint Account right now, minus Bills Pots or bundled insurance. If Starling jumps for that…

Here’s a rundown of the frustration (Posts #1 & #3):


Any clarification here?

I’ve just used Apple Pay and Monzo is my default card, does that count?

The Monzo communication has hit an all time low in the last few weeks.


I haven’t even got the email yet :sweat_smile:, or anything in the transaction feed.

Checked spam, logged into the gmail site, etc, but no cigar

Have you got the promotional offers toggle on in the app :thinking:

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Emails can be very tricky to format correctly but yikes

If you are over 18 and have Plus or Premium, get in touch with Monzo via the in app chat. It might just be a glitch.

Personally I’d save some time and effort and would just click the link I posted earlier. Seems to be working for others who haven’t received the email for whatever reason :slight_smile:

What happens if you tap the link and you’re not eligible? Does it explain?

I agree with many here, the wording of this promotion is unclear. What qualifies as a default card and how can Monzo know if my payment is in fact default method? Does a retailer report to mast card that it’s the default? What if I shop with a retailer that doesn’t report this?

This promotion is an odd one to say the least.

Yeah signed up using the link above, makes me think of how many users might not be aware of this because they haven’t got the email or feed notification (even with marketing preferences on)
Obviously the market share of customers in the forum is very small in comparison

I can sign up as a basic account it doesn’t stop me. I’m assuming something else in the system will discount the entry though when it runs checks.

For anyone in the same boat as me, not having received the email, when I was reading the Terms and Conditions, I figured out why I didn’t get the email, Northern Ireland residents (and anyone outside of GB) are (yet again) excluded from this promotion.

Edit to add the extract from the T&Cs:

  1. This Promotion is open to Monzo sole account Customers in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) residents aged 18 or over, who hold a valid Monzo Plus or Monzo Premium debit card, excluding Monzo employees.
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This implies that Plus and Premium customers aren’t already using Monzo as their main card

Whichever rountine that checks the conditions have been satisfied before entering your transactions into the offer will surely fail at the “Is customer Plus/Premium?” check.

It’s a bit shoddy they didn’t also do the check when the link is clicked, but I suspect that’s because they (perhaps foolishly) didn’t consider that customers who received an email might share the link with customers who haven’t.

The offer(s) could well be targeted at those customers Monzo have identified as having Plus/Premium but apparently not using it as their main card?

Not saying you’re wrong but I’ve got it and it’s my main card/account.

Key words and phrases being “Monzo have identified” and “apparently”. I don’t know what criteria Monzo have used, and it’s possible that there could be people using it as a main card who still somehow fall under whatever thresholds Monzo have set.

In my case, I’ve been using my Monzo account as my main account since the pre-paid days, as far as I’m concerned. But I know from information Monzo have shared with the community previously that they won’t have actually recognised me as doing so for at least half of that time, roughly (there was a threshold I wasn’t meeting).

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I’m assuming this works with virtual cards too?

I have a virtual card I used exclusively for online spending and another for online subscriptions, have done since day one of Plus to keep my actual card details offline.

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Instead of getting an email about it on the day prior to launch it would have been good to receive this with some notice.

I’d have held off a lot of my Christmas shopping (which I’ve completed now) and it would have given Monzo time to answer all these questions and clarify some things too.

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What benefit does this have when if someone gets your virtual card details, they can still empty your account?

On iOS it took me to a Monzo web page which asks if I want to open the app. Click to open the app, the app opens, closes, and theMonzo App Store page opens.