Pay with Monzo, win great prizes

Oh ffs

I wasn’t going to bother registering because I have no interest in the prizes but they shouldn’t offer things that exclude people based on where they live in the UK


Why is it that a lot of competitions do the same?

Because we have weird laws here

the most important aspect of NI law for promoters is that purchase associated promotions are viewed as gambling. An NPN entry route is required for prize draws that do involve a purchase. This directly conflicts with the UK CAP Code and Consumer Protection Regulation (CPR) and the Gambling Act 2005 which stipulates that promoters no longer need to offer an NPN route for purchase linked promotions. However, the Gambling Act does not apply to Northern Ireland, so a mechanism whereby the public can enter a promotion without paying, or by paying no more than the cost of a stamp or standard rate text message, is required.


Had often wondered why NI were excluded.

Thanks for the info.


So I went looking to see if I could see anything about this on twitter / elsewhere from Monzo - but I see there’s another concurrent promotion running

Which seems to be £10 Amazon Credit for “Making Monzo your Main Card”

Sooo… More A/B testing with the different types of Promo? I’ve seen neither in app or in email sadly :frowning:

Edit: Found these terms for this one:

Sounds like the bigger promo for the mixology events is Plus/Premium only, and this one is for all accounts.

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I just opened my app to see if I could register for this, and there was an in app message inviting me to register, but for the other promotion. But I’m not a Plus or Premium card holder :man_shrugging:

It’s beginning to appear as well thought out as Plus V1.


Not to sound bitter, but only for accounts of GB residents. NI and other territories excluded for both of the offers


I can immediately delete the card if there’s any dodgy spending I see. It then saves me having to freeze then wait for a new physical card in the post.


If you’ve limited where you’ve used the virtual card (ie at one merchant), then you know where you’ve been exposed.

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Also the Virtual Cards have a 5 year expiry, whilst the physical card is less. If for any reason you need to replace your card, you don’t need to update your Virtual ones.

Was useful when I upgraded from Plus to Premium, as I didn’t need to change any of my online subscriptions.

And if you’re so inclined, you could save your Virtual card as an item in a password manager / autofill thing in Google Chrome, etc.

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Presenting things in simple to understand plain English does seem to be something Monzo struggles with a lot


There’s certainly been a spate of late of weirdly convoluted messages, which seem to add confusion rather than clarity


And they’ve tried to clarify and made it worse.


Would also like to know if this works with virtual cards and via google pay.


Having just signed up for a promotion I don’t think I’m entitled for, it seems that there’s no way to see any details of it in the app.

So I can’t check the terms and conditions, I can’t back out of it, and I can no longer see what the prize is.


Here are the terms of both if you’re interested:

The Premium “Experience” one:

This one does say it’s only eligible to Plus/Premium card holders so I assume while it might let you register, your purchases won’t be counted as “Qualifying”

The “Amazon Gift Voucher” one:

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I’ve just noticed a feed notification for this too. I’m sure it wasn’t there yesterday :thinking:

Would have been nice if it automatically dismissed once you entered the draw. No need to see it and have it ask you to sign up when you’re already in it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Been in my app several times today.

No promotion feed :man_shrugging:

It’s not a feed item, it’s a splash screen when opening the app; you can’t miss it. I guess it is being rolled out throughout the day. You can have my entry, if you want. I can’t win anything.

Oooo more differences. I didn’t get one of those.

Just a notification at the top of the feed.

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