Pay with Monzo, win great prizes

I am premium from day 1 when it came out

Emails will likely go out in batches, so don’t panic if you don’t get it yet.

You don’t need it anyway, you can do it via the app.


Be sure to check your spam for emails from
The subject is the title of this topic.

The link in the email to register is as follows. You need to tap this on your phone which has the Monzo app installed:


Nope, no email, but the link worked thanks

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I don’t like this one little bit. Over 18, Premium, but use Joint account for all spending.


Do you enter it by virtue of just paying with your card with a retailer?

Yes. Register in app, and use your Plus/Premium card.

I was going to ask if paying with Google Pay would be covered but noticed it’s only for online shopping :see_no_evil:

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Can you not use google pay online?

I think it has to be a payment method accepted on the website. I personally haven’t seen many offer it.

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:wave: Hey, Russell from the marketing team here.

Sorry we didn’t make this clearer, “making Monzo your default card” means saving your Monzo card details or making it the default payment option.

For example, I have my Monzo card saved in Deliveroo, so each time i order, this would count as my default payment option and be an entry into the prize draw :pizza:

Also, i’m sorry spend on joint cards is not eligible for this promotion. This is the first promotion of this type we have run and a bit of a test for us. If it’s successful and you all like it, we will run more of them in the future and figure out a way to fix this!


I’ll stick to my Amex thanks.

Still getting 1% cashback during the promotion period for this offer.


Thanks for clarifying. So on Amazon I have loads of different cards but I’m assuming Monzo don’t actually know what the default card is set as, just a way of wording it so more people making it their default payment to spend on their card?.. I think that’s where the confusion lies.


Hey Russell :wave:. Quick question if I may: how are you aware if a card is the default card or not?


Still sending out emails with clickable links? Reinforcing the bad practice that it’s safe for people to click things purporting to be from their bank.

Well done Monzo.

Slow clap.


This is what I was wondering too.

Does the promotion therefore only work with retailers who present some form of preauth? (As in, when you add a new card to Amazon/Netflix etc and you immediately get an active card check?)

Or is it basically any online purchase made with Monzo?

Or we’re just over thinking it and it’s a tip to ensure you always pay with your Monzo card throughout the promotion period? :man_shrugging:


Yeah absolutely, just seems like a lot of convoluted wording for “you’re entered every time you use your card”.


I’ve made a purchase online tonight, I used my Monzo card but I didn’t join/create an account so does that count or not?

It let me register in app and said I was eligible but I am not a Plus subscriber.