Pay with foreign currency

(Corbyn asbury) #1

I wish there was a way to pay a contact in foreign currencies. I was recently in Munich and a friend and I split the bill (€). But I had to use a conversion app to figure out how much I owed in GBP.

I wish you could just tap on the £ icon to the left of where you type in the amount to pay a contact, and scroll through/ search to find the currency you want to pay in

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This is another reason to look forward to the launch of the current accounts :smiley: Tom mentioned at the 2nd to last open office that Monzo will be partnering with a provider for international money transfers when the current accounts launch.

Since Transferwise have integrated with N26 in Germany & now Starling, it seems likely that they’ll be Monzo’s partner here too :tada:

I expect the interface in Monzo’s app will then enable us to do almost exactly what you’ve described :thumbsup:

(Alex Mayo) #3

Hopefully Monzo will follow PayPal’s 2 step currency system. It’s really simple and will fit in with Monzo’s UI brilliantly.


the Monese app is the best i’ve seen as you see remitting currency (GB£) and recipient currency (US$, euro etc) at the same time. type in one box and it autocompletes the other. you can fill in how much pounds you want to send or how many say euro you want the other person to get and you see both amounts at the same time. that’s perfect