Making Foreign Payments

I really like my Monzo account and find it super easy for making domestic payments, but find it a little frustrating making Foreign payments because of the need to input the GBP value and then the foreign currency value changing based on the FX rate.

I would find it a lot easier if I had the option to choose the foreign currency value and then have the GBP value update/change based on the FX rate. Is it possible to integrate that functionality?


It does seem completely illogical that if you want to make a foreign currency payment the request for payment will usually be in the “foreign” currency amount - ie hotel deposit , price of ordered goods etc yet you cannot input that directly into the app and then get billed whatever the amount requested is in GBP - to try and work it out yourself by the time you calculated it with the in app indicated amount and have inputted the amount the conversion rate has changed



Something for a Monzo free time engineer to have a look at?

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Yep. Or just use TransferWise