Monzo to Monzo payments in foreign currencies


I have just come back from a holiday in Europe with several friends who all used Monzo cards.
We often found ourselves splitting the bill and sending money between cards but had to manually work out how much we owed each other in Euros as Monzo only allows transfers in Pounds. A feature that could either change the currency being sent between Monzo cards or that could calculate how many Pounds would need to be sent by inputting the value in Euros would be really useful!

Pay contacts in different currencies
(Jolin) #2

If you use the “Split Bill” option from the Monzo app of the person who paid, it will automatically calculate the :pound: amount that needs to be transferred.


That falls over if you all know how much you owe the one person in € not £ (and it’s not an even split).

(Jolin) #4

But the person paying will instantly see in the Monzo app how much it is in £, so just as easy to work out the owed amount in £ as €. Agree, though, that it would be good for the bill split functionality to allow uneven splits. This is a general issue which will be addressed eventually.


Yeah, it’s just easier splitting €34.47 into €9.34, €8.33, €11.23 and €5.57 than it is covering them to GBP before splitting.

(Jolin) #6

Fair enough, I can see that if you’re taking specific amounts from the bill and attributing them to people, it’s much easier to do it in the currency the bill is in! In that case, it would be nice if you could enter the amounts in :euro: you want to recover for that transaction, and the Monzo app automatically applies the transaction’s exchange rate to send a request for payment in :pound:.


Hi all, thanks for the responses! I never explored using the split the bill function as we were sending the money to each other before making any payments. I see that it would be possible to work out the exchange using split the bill but that assumes that you have enough money on your card before you make the transaction! I think it would be useful to be able to input the value in Euros (or whatever currency you’re using) that you want sending and then have it automatically converted to Pounds. That way we could have divided the bill between us, entered the value in Euros, have it sent to one person’s card and then paid.
I suppose that the majority of people would have enough money on their cards to pay the entire bill before the transfer, the luxuries of not being a student eh! :stuck_out_tongue: Just a suggestion. :blush: