Apple pay payment method

Hi guys,

Just a quick question. Is Apple Pay on the roadmap still? I’m talking about using MondoCard to pay for Apple Pay of course.



Definitely on the roadmap! It’s very dependent on our partners though so we’re not yet sure when it’ll be :frowning: Don’t worry though – as soon as we are able to, @james will have it in the app :smiley:


Any idea when that could be?
I’d love to only use my Mondo Card from now on but I really like using Apple Pay.
Is that even possible before you’ve got the banking licence?

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afaik its dependent upon Wirecard (the bank who issue the Mondo prepaid cards) integrating to ApplePay via Mastercard. So it is possible however out of Mondo’s control.

Edit - also discussed in this thread: 🍎 Pay...?

Looking at the wirecard website, it seems they do offer Apple Pay support. I guess that isn’t one of the things stopping Mondo

actually, quoting from

Apple Pay supports credit and debit cards from the three major payment organisations, namely American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Mondo is a prepaid card and will probably not work until it’s a full bank account. The reason is the way Apple Pay works which requires 2 factor authentication to add the card to an account.

would love apply pay on my watch and Mondo card app for watch like barclays shows balance :slight_smile: on allways on display .

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Just got my beta card today and I’m itching to use it. Tried to set it up in Apple Pay but as I see, not available as yet…

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Went and had a look myself but I can only find references to merchant side acceptance of Apple Pay through Wirecard, not the ability to add a card to Wallet.

Wirecard enables retailers to accept Apple Pay for in-app payments via a mobile end device.

Had a quick chat to a friend at Apple, sounds about right. Prepaid cards are not supported right now.

It’s a lot more than just that but yes.

On a semi-related note, I’ve been doing some reverse engineering of the Wallet app for fun recently, looks like some very cool stuff coming that Mondo might be able to take advantage of.


Just to add that I think Apple Pay / Android equivalent needs to be a high priority on the road map (I’ve not seen the road map) once they become operating as a full bank. I imagine that those that use the Mondo app on there phone are highly likely to use Apple Pay etc.

With the launch of boon today by Wirecard (who are offering Apple Pay on a pre-paid card) maybe it will be coming soon to Mondo or not at all (whatever way you look at it).


So, it looks as though integration with :apple: :moneybag: may be closer to the end of this year.

Good spot! Playing around with it right now, saw references to it on Apple servers but had no idea what it was. Happy to see that it uses the new ability to add an Apple Pay card from an app (without requiring a physical card or full card number).

Though, did they REALLY manage to release a new app specifically for the iPhone 6 and above but not support the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screen sizes?!?!

In any case, this presumably means good things for Mondo’s support of Apple Pay.


Hopefully today’s news of Wirecard’s 1st card supported Apple Pay means that Mondo will have Apple Pay support soon! :slight_smile:

Although this news is good, I tried using boon (through Apple Pay) for in-app purchases and Apple does not support it. You can’t make in-app purchases using boon, which I guess might be the same for all pre-paid cards. This might be the reason why mondo might take a while before bringing Apple Pay support. Just my thought. :slight_smile:

If boon can now do Apple Pay with a pre paid virtual card why can’t mondo. I love mondo very much but as Boon are offering Apple Pay then I am going to need to move to this service.


I have switched most of my spending to Boon for this reason, but I top up my Boon ‘card’ with Mondo.

I use Boon at the moment (whilst waiting for my Mondo card) I find it ok however the app is very basic i.e. only top up and use that is all.

I only use it for Apple Pay as my bank does not offer this and if it wasn’t for that I would not bother using Boon at all.

As a test I tried to load money to my boon. card funding it from my Mondo card, only for it to fail because Mondo does not yet employ 3D-Secure (ie Mastercard’s SecureCode). Are you sure you were able to transfer money to boon. from Mondo?

I can’t topup my boon. account with my :mondo: card either.