Pay off more than one Monzo Flex payment in one go

Hi all, just got Monzo Flex and I’m very pleased with it.

My feature request is to be able to specify a specific sum (let’s say £300 out of a £500 balance) that pays off a chunk of my balance all in one go. It’s quite tedious having to do each transaction one-by-one!

This would be especially useful when payday has come, so I can pay off extra and don’t have to keep cash waiting in a pot for a month.

It would also be good if we could set a default plan - for example, default every Flex card payment to be paid in full at my specified payment date.



Default plan is live for some. Either pay in full on next due date or pay over longest period possible (no in between).

It’s being trialled and will be with everyone in time.

Oh sweet - fingers crossed this is rolled out in my version soon!

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I’d also love the “here’s £300, pay off smallest to largest balances” option.

Paying each individual entry is a chore and messed up Trends.