Clearing Monzo Flex balance

Not sure if it just wasn’t obvious to me but I tried to clear my Monzo flex balance in full today and I couldn’t. Instead I had to make the next months payment in advance then indivually clear off each balance. It would be easier if there was an option to pay remaining in full, much like the close option without closing the account.


I lose track of what is open for all these days, what is coming soon and what is testing, but…

There’s a “pay in full” option I think but it’s per transaction and I’ve not seen anything that’s “Pay all of this off”

Yea I had the pay in full launch in my app today but that wouldn’t have solved it as it seems to be about deferring full payment to the next month.

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I agree there should be an option to pay ALL off on the screen where it lists them individually. This makes the most sense to me, maybe at the bottom?


Something like “clear balance” behaviour like credit cards. Accept part payments might be trickier to portion out but can get around that by paying off individual balances is already possible. It’s just an extra effort to get rid of it all in one go.

I’d like to select multiple or select all, tbh. But it should be easy to clear your balance imo.


Something like, here’s £400, pay off smallest > largest or whatever would work better for me.

Smaller gains have a bigger impact for me.