Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

I’ve got the options to ‘Pay off extra’ and ‘Make monthly payment now’ under manage

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Mine just says “Pay off extra” which then explains it’s the final instalment you are paying off.

Is it not the ‘next’ installment it advises will be paid (rather than ‘first’,‘second’ or ‘last’ payment)?

For example, with a Pay-in-3 Flex transaction:

  • Flex a payment and pay nothing yet → select ‘Pay off extra’ and it’ll pay off the first installment
  • On a Flexed payment (with the initial payment made) → select ‘Pay off extra’ and it’ll pay off the second installment
  • On a Flexed payment (with two payments made) → select ‘Pay off extra’ and it’ll pay off the final installment

No. As @npc_06 patiently explained - it only offers to knock off extra payments from the final payment of any instalment plan.

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:point_up: that’s if you tap on ‘Pay off extra’ in the list of selections in the ‘Manage’ tab of the Flex card. In my case it shows the total of all outstanding Flex payments rolled into one (£66) from which to pay a chosen amount off. Straightforward so far.

But if you go into the ‘Manage’ tab of the Flex card and instead tap on ‘Next Flex payment… £xx.xx’, you get the chance to pay off a fixed amount that doesn’t indicate it will come off the last payment. It shows an amount which equals the next payment due - at least in my case it does:

Complicated character this Flex is.

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Ditto, if I go to ‘Pay Now’ it will take the amount from the next payment. In my case it’ll take it from feb so my next amount due would be March.

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That blue button on the right I don’t have, it just shows the amount but it’s not a button to click.

tbh, I daren’t tap on it in case it instantly pays the £34!

EDIT: Grew a pair and tapped on it. I then got this screen which clearly states it is the next monthly payment:


I guess it’s still being rolled out then.


Yes, sorry for the confusion - this is still being tested.

If you want the “pay early” feature to be enabled for you then you can ask in the app or message me your email. :slight_smile:


I’ve messaged you, thanks in advance @TheoGibson

Thanks - will try get it enabled tomorrow (it’s a bit late now :sleeping:)


Messaged you too

As someone who doesn’t have Flex, is it really as confusing as it seems?

No. It really isn’t.




Not really no, I was only confused because I thought the “pay now” feature had rolled out to everyone all ready so when I could only find “pay extra” it confused me.


Can confirm I now have the option to pay next instalment early, thanks @TheoGibson :+1:t2:


I’m getting declined messages for amount being under £30 using my Flex virtual card details. I’ve paid before using Flex for Now so has something changed? I’ve plenty of credit.

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